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Business Immigration

At the Owji Law Group in San Francisco, you will find knowledgeable and experienced corporate immigration attorneys to help you with all your business- and employment-based immigration needs. Below is a brief overview of the many ways we can help your business in the immigration arena. Give our office a call so that we may understand your needs and devise an appropriate strategy to assist you.

Business-Based Immigration

We help businesses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and beyond in a wide range of industries and occupations, ranging from the technology sector to textile manufacturing to parking garage management, and more. We assist California businesses with the following:

  • Investor Visas–Investors and entrepreneurs have several different visa options to immigrate for the purpose of investment or trade, including options that involve lawful permanent residency on the basis of investment in a U.S. commercial enterprise. Pathways also exist for investors from countries with which the U.S. maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation, but there are options for investors from other countries as well.
  • Employer Compliance–Make sure your company is in compliance with the myriad requirements of U.S. immigration laws governing businesses.

Employment-Based Immigration

We help foreign workers come to the U.S. for the purpose of employment. We take the time to understand your needs and help you through the appropriate visa process, obtain permanent residency, or start off on a pathway to citizenship if desired. Our practice includes assisting individuals in the process of obtaining either non-immigrant or immigrant visas.

Non-immigrant Visas–For workers seeking travel to the U.S. for employment opportunities with the intention to return to their home country, non-immigrant visas enable workers to remain in the country from just a few days to up to several years. For longer stays, we can help foreign workers bring over their spouse and children through the derivative visa process, as well as help workers and their families work toward permanent residency.

  • H-1B Visas–These non-immigrant visas allow employers to recruit and hire graduate-level foreign workers in specialty occupations for up to a six-year period. Although often sought in fields devoted to medicine, science, engineering, and information technology, the H-1B visa includes other specialized fields such as finance, accounting, and others.
  • Foreign Worker Visas–A wide variety of visas may be available for workers in specialty occupations, religious workers, and even unskilled workers as needed. Intracompany transfers can also be accomplished through the foreign worker visa process.
  • PERM Labor Certifications–Through this process, companies are able to meet their long-term needs by filling positions permanently with qualified foreign workers when qualified U.S. workers are not available in the local workforce.

Immigrant Visas–In addition to family-based immigrant visas, employment-based immigrant visas are a major pathway toward lawful permanent residency. Obtaining an employment-based (EB) immigrant visa requires a thorough understanding of the many EB preference categories. Each category has its own criteria and requires a certain type of evidence and documentation to be provided in support of a successful petition. We help individuals obtain immigrant visas in all of the EB preference categories, including specialty workers, religious workers, and immigrant investors coming to America to establish or expand a business and create U.S. jobs.

Call the Owji Law Group to speak with an experienced business immigration attorney.

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